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After years of devouring motivational content in all forms, I jumped at the opportunity to create videos for inspiring speakers. The two types of videos I most commonly create for speakers are reels and social media videos.

A reel is a fantastic way for a speaker to show off their skills in a dynamic yet accessible form. The social media clips I create have a more punchy attention grabbing style. They are designed specifically to perform well on social media channels, and allow you put out regular content so you can successfully engage your audience. 

If you are a keynote speaker and you would like to work with me please do get in contact at and we can arrange a call to see how I can help you. 

"The reel Joe made is so much better than my last one!"

John Peters

"This reel was a

game changer for my speaking business!"

Alex Staniforth

"Joe has a brilliant creative brain!"

Anna Mcnuff

I created this reel for Anna which shows off her onstage energy and humour in a short engaging style. 

"Joe's work was of an outstanding quality!"

Akash Karia

"I can't believe 

how good it looks!"

Angelica Malin

"I love it!"

George Bullard

This social media clip for George helps repurpose part of his talk for a social media audience. 

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